Quick answer: What PH Has The Greatest Concentration Of H+?

What pH has the greatest concentration of H+?

The lower numbers refer to acid solutions, while the higher numbers refer to alkaline or basic solutions.

At pH 7 (neutral) the concentration of hydrogen ions equals the concentration of hydroxide ions.

Any solution with a pH lower than 7 has more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions in solution..

Where is H+ concentration the highest?

mitochondriaThe H+ concentration is highest in the intermembrane space of the mitochondria. The mitochondria is contained by two membranes, the inner membrane and the outer membrane. The space in between the membranes is called the intermembrane space. This is where hydrogen ions are pumped during the electron transport chain.

What is the hydrogen ion H +) concentration of a solution of pH 8?

Answer and Explanation: The hydrogen ion [H+] concentration of a solution of pH 8 is 1 X 10-8 M.

Why is pH used instead of H+?

Precisely, the definition of pH is –log(aH+) i.e. negative logarithm of activity of H+, but people used to define pH as negative logarithm of concentration of H+. For highly diluted solution, activity coefficient is become unity, so now, we can write pH = —log(C H+) or = —log[H+].

Does concentration affect pH?

In general, the pH of an acid solution will be lower as the solution is more concentrated. For bases, the pH will be higher with more highly concentrated solutions.