Quick Answer: What Is The Most Secure Free Email Provider 2019?

Which email is best for personal use?


Unique Feature: Native File Collaboration.


Unique Feature: Unlimited Storage.


Unique Feature: Multiple App Integrations.


Unique Feature: 25 Business Addresses.


Unique Feature: 200 Custom Domain Names.



Unique Feature: Media and attachment history.


iCloud Mail.More items…•.

What is the most secure free email account provider?

6 Most Secure Email ProvidersProtonMail. Pros: Open source, reliable, no-logs policy. … Hushmail. Pros: Touch ID support on iOS, auto-reply and auto-forwarding. … Tutanota. Pros: 1 GB of storage for free, strong security policies, licensed under GPL v3. … CounterMail. Pros: Diskless servers, transparency. … Mailfence. … Librem Mail.

What is the most secure free email provider 2020?

List of Secure Email Providers in 2020CounterMail.ProtonMail.Hushmail.Tutanota.Runbox.Kolab Now.Mailfence.Posteo.

What is the most hacked email provider?

Top 5 Secure Email ProvidersHushmail – Basic Secure Email with Privacy in Mind. … Tutanota – For All Your Encryption Needs. … Shazzlemail – Locally Hosted Email in Your Pocket, No Third-Parties. … RiseUp – For All Your High-Security Activists Needs. … Torguard – Encrypted Webmail with Privacy.

What is the most secure email address?

Here are our top 10 secure email providers that you can use for messaging and communicating:Posteo. Posteo is an independent secure email service providing great security, privacy, and sustainability on the internet. … ProtonMail. … MailHippo. … Tutanota. … Mailbox.org. … Mailfence. … Kolab Now. … CounterMail.More items…•

What are the disadvantages of Gmail?

The Disadvantages of GmailStorage. Keeping all your emails stored on the Web offers you easy access from multiple devices — but if you lose your Internet connection or Gmail suffers downtime, you can be left without access to your messages. … Targeted Advertising. … Google Integration. … Labels, not Folders. … Search Limitations.