Quick Answer: How Much Is 9mobile Unlimited Data?

How can I double my 9mobile data?

How to Subscribe to 9mobile double dataAfter migrating to morecliq, dial *545* from your 9mobile line to activate 100% double data.Next, you will have to subscribe to any data plan of your choice on 9mobile to get your data doubled..

How can I get 1gb for 200 naira on 9mobile?

How to Subscribe to 9Mobile 1GB Data for ₦200Recharge your line with ₦200 and simply dial *929*10# to activate the offer.The validity period is for 3 days.To check the data balance, just dial *228#.

How can I get free Etisalat Internet?

Etisalat Free Wi-Fi You not only have to be an Etisalat subscriber, you have to have a data subscription package that you already use with Etisalat to avail of free internet. If you don’t have a data subscription, you can still use the Wi-Fi but you’ll have to pay Dh5 per day which gives you unlimited access.

How can I double my data on Etisalat?

This is possible by dialing *244*1#. Then, before you make any recharges, you need to dial the special Etisalat double data code *545# and select the data plan that you would like to activate on your phone. Only when this is done, you can recharge your balance and wait for it to be doubled as due.

Which 9mobile package is best for data?

9mobile Heavyweight Awoof offer This plan suitable for all customers, it is the best 9mobile plan for both calls and data plan. You can get 1.5GB with N500, N200 for 1GB and N100 for 500MB valid for 7 days.

How much is unlimited data?

Best Unlimited Data Phone PlansPlanPriceDataVisible $40 Unlimited Plan$40/monthUnlimited Data (anytime deprioritization)Verizon Do More Unlimited$80/monthUnlimited Data (up to 50GB/month*)Sprint Unlimited Premium$80/monthUnlimited Data (up to 100GB/month*)3 more rows

Which Etisalat plan is best for calls?

Etisalat Easy flex evolution The Easy Flex Evolution comes in two variations, the Voice + and Data +. If you browse a lot, subscribe to the data + plan. But, if you make a lot of voice calls, then Voice + plan is best for you. With this plan, you get to make calls to all network at 40k per sec.

How many GB is unlimited data?

T-Mobile customers on the carrier’s unlimited plan, which starts at $70 for one line, can use 30 GB of data per month, up from 28 GB previously, before facing potentially slower speeds. Other carriers have set the level of potentially slowing data lower: 23 GB at Sprint and 22 GB on at Verizon and AT&T.

How can I get unlimited data on 9mobile?

9mobile Unlimited Data Plan 9mobile does not have an unlimited data plan but they offer a 90-day plan of 30GB for 27,500 Naira, the subscription code is *229*5*1# and a 4-month plan of 60GB at 55,000 Naira, the code for subscribing is *229*5*2#.

What is the best plan for unlimited data?

The best unlimited data plans you can get todayT-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan. The best unlimited data plan overall. … Verizon Unlimited Data Plan. Superior coverage for a premium price. … Sprint Unlimited Data Plan. Best cheap unlimited data plan. … AT&T Unlimited Data Plan. … Verizon Tiered Data Plan. … AT&T Tiered Data Plan.

How can I get free data on 9mobile?

Simply dial *8186*1# on your Etisalat sim card. If you get a response that says, “Your request is being processed…”, then you should be expecting the 4GB free Etisalat data.

Does Etisalat have unlimited data plan?

9mobile Unlimited Data Plan 9mobile does not have an unlimited data plan but they offer a 90-day plan of 30GB for 27,500 Naira, the subscription code is *229*5*1# and a 4-month plan of 60GB at 55,000 Naira, the code for subscribing is *229*5*2#.

How can I get free data on Etisalat?

A simple routine activity of making outgoing calls will automatically generate free data that our customers can conveniently enjoy later,” he explained. Customers can subscribe to the promotion by dialling *140*5*1# to start accumulating data for every minute of their outgoing calls.

How do I migrate to Etisalat Flex?

migration to any other pre-paid package can be done by dialing: morelife complete – *620*1# moretalk – *244*2#

Which MTN plan is best for browsing?

These are the new MTN tariff plans and their benefits.MTN StartPack – MTN YafunYafun SIM Offer. … MTN XtraValue – The best combination of airtime and data bundle. … 300 Naira (XS) … 500 Naira(S) … MTN Xtra Special Prepaid- The best tariff for international calls. … MTN Pulse – The best tariff for young people.More items…•

What’s the cheapest cell phone plan with unlimited everything?

Top picks include:Sprint Unlimited Kickstart ($35/month) as the best cheap major carrier unlimited data plan.Metro by T-Mobile’s $50 Unlimited as the best cheap prepaid unlimited data plan.Sprint Unlimited Plus ($140/month) as the best cheap unlimited data family plan.More items…

How can I buy 9mobile data?

buy online or dial *229*2*8# (tap on mobile) or sms AND2 to 229.

How can I change my Etisalat package?

If you are an existing Postpaid user on a non-contract plan, you can migrate to the new plan by calling 101 or visiting an etisalat Business Centre.

Who has true unlimited data?

There are very few providers out there that actually offer truly unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds, and most that do operate on either the Sprint or T-Mobile networks. By offering unlimited data plans those two carriers and their MVNO’s help differentiate themselves from their much larger competitors, AT&T and Verizon.

Which tariff plan is the cheapest in Etisalat?

Cheapest Etisalat Tariff Plan Ever: Call Any Network For Just 11k/secMigration to easylife 4.0 flat edition is free! … Calls are charged at 11kobo/sec with a daily access fee of ₦5 only which is charged on the first call of the day.

How can I get cheap data on 9mobile?

How to Subscribe to 9Mobile 1.5GB Data for ₦200Register a new 9mobile sim and dial 200 and select 2 to join the Cliq.Recharge your line with ₦200 and dial *229*10*15# to get the 1.5GB data.The validity period is for 5 days.To check the data balance, just dial *228#.

Which network has the cheapest call rate?

Cheapest Call Rates Across All Networks In Nigeria – Technology Market – NairalandMTN. MTN SmoothTalk Plus is the cheapest prepaid tariff plan on MTN Network, offers flat rate of 15 kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after the first minute of the day at 40 kobo per second.AIRTEL. … GLO. … ETISALAT.

How can I subscribe for Etisalat 200 for 1gb?

To subscribe for the plan simply load your line with 200 Naira via recharge card or VTU or any other means of recharging and dial *929*10# from there you will receive text message from 9 mobile showing that you subscribe for 1GB data valid for 3 days, Yes 3 days you have to use it before 3 days because the plan don’t …

How do I migrate to Easy Flex on 9mobile?

migration to any other pre-paid package can be done by dialing:morelife complete – *620*1#moretalk – *244*2#talkzone – *244*8#

How can I change my Etisalat plan?

If you are an existing prepaid customer, you can move to any New Freedom plan of your choice. Just visit your nearest Etisalat outlet or contact 101 to learn more about the required documents.

How can I get unlimited data on Etisalat?

By dialling *135*5#. Terms & Conditions: Via the My Etisalat UAE app. The Nonstop Data Plan is a limited-time promotion.