Quick Answer: How Can I Get 1gb For 100 On Glo?

How do I subscribe for 500 for 1gb on Glo?

Glo is offering their users 1GB of data for just N500.

Here’s how it works.

Dial *777# and select “data booster” under the ‘buy data’ menu.

By you doing this, you can get 1GB for N500 or 300MB for N200..

How can I double my data on Glo?

“All they need to do is to walk into any Gloworld shop, buy a SIM, register it and choose My Phone data plan”, he said. To enjoy the data promo, a subscriber can send “55” by SMS to 127 or dial the USSD code *127*55#. Alternatively, the subscriber can log on to htpp://hsi.glo.com to begin to enjoy the new offer.

How can I get 1gb for 200 on Glo?

Glo 200 naira for 1gb codeSelect 1 – Buy Data.Select 1 – Buy Data Plan.You can Select 1 or 2 – Auto Renew or One-Off.Select 5 – Special Data Offer.Select 1 – Special Plans.

How do I activate Glo 4g LTE?

Glo subscribersSwap your current SIM for a USIM.Text 4G to 400, and.You’d receive an SMS to check your if phone or device supports LTE for Glo.

How can I get 4gb for 1000 on Glo?

First and foremost dial *559*65# to check your eligibility. If you are eligible, dial *131*65# and data option will be shown to you. Select your preferred plan as listed below: 250MB 3-Days Plan; Costs N100.

What is the code for Glo 500 subscription?

Glo 500 Naira Data Plan TGIF 500 Naira Weekend Plan: Offers 3GB data valid on weekends only, dial *127*61# to subscribe. 500 Naira 14 Day Plan: Offers 1GB of data valid for two weeks, dial *127*57#.

How can I get unlimited data without paying?

DOWNLOAD These 5 Apps to Get FREE Internet Data on Your PhoneSTEP 1: Install the Gigato app from Google Play Store. … STEP 1: Install hike messenger on your smartphone. … STEP 1: Install the app from Play Store. … STEP 1: Download the new version of the app from Play Store. … STEP 1: Download and install the app from Play Store.

How many GB is Glo 1000 subscription?

Glo offers 2GB data for 1,000 Naira valid for 30 days, to subscribe to the plan, dial *127*53# or dial *777# and select the data plan to subscribe.

Which Glo plan gives more data?

Glo Talk Special and Glo Twin Bash tariff plan is the best offer from GLO Nigeria and it is currently the most used tariff plan by Glo users. Glo Talk Special is a package that offers you six times the value of the loaded amount. This package also gives users additional data to gift to another Glo customer for free.

How can I get free Glo data?

No you don’t have to dial any code to opt in or subscribe in order to enjoy free data day. Just ensure you spend N250 or more on calls within 7 days to free data day OR you spend at least N150 on calls and use a minimum of 100MB within 7 days to the free data day. 6.

How can I get 2gb for 500 on Glo?

Dial *777# and get 2GB to browse, stream, upload and do more for as low as ₦500. Choose a preferred plan now, Dial *777# to begin.

Which Glo plan gives MB?

Glo BUMPA is a special tariff plan from Glo Nigeria that gives users 200% bonus on airtime recharge and Data bonus on data bundle subscriptions of NGN2,000 and above. The Glo bumpa tariff plan rewards Glo prepaid subscribers with 200% (3 times) bonus on every recharge of NGN100 and above.

Is Glo giving free data?

The company announced at the launch that the offer which is open to all prepaid subscribers gives Glo customers’ free data for one whole day when they meet the voice and/or data usage threshold within seven days which will qualify them to enjoy the Free Data Day.

Is the GLO unlimited cheat still working?

This is the unlimited glo free data cheat codes you have been looking for. It’s true that glo is one of the best network that lavishes their customers with lots of data. So as to browse and have fun. But, it won’t still stop us from cheating them, because, everyone ought to be browsing for free.