Quick Answer: How Can I Communicate With BTS?

Who is Taehyung’s best friend in BTS?

The most recent is when Rina Johnson, V’s “little sister” on “ON” music video, called Jimin’s as Taehyung’s best friend.

The Japanese-American young actress recently responded to some of the fans’ questions about her experience working with the members of BTS.

A fan asked the 13-year-old actress about Jimin..

What are BTS musters?

If you crack open a dictionary (OK, pull up Google) and search for the word “muster,” the textbook definition is “a formal gathering of troops.” Basically, BTS’ Muster is a clever name for the BTS’ annual fan meeting where ARMYs gather to meet the boys and watch a special performance put together specifically for them.

Which camera does Jungkook use?

Hello~! ^^ According to some fans, he sometimes uses his Canon eos 700D with an EF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens camera for pictures, SONY A9 Alpha for GCF (w/ possibly Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens), and occasionally his Panasonic LUMIX GH5 camera.

Does Jungkook have a TikTok?

Uhh they don’t have Tiktok. Jungkook makes his little lipsyncing vids on a similar app that I unfortunately forgot the name of. A lot of other celebs make videos on there as well. BTS’s Tik Tok Account is bts_official_bighit.

How do I talk to Jungkook?

Chat With JungkookYou must have a FB account or make one (ask permission if 12 and under or use sibling/guardian account)Download messenger and sign in.Type up Jungkook on the search bar.Have fun and chat with him!

What app does Jungkook use?

The app that Jungkook uses to took photos is called MOLDIV and the filter he always uses was “cotton” Jimin uses foodie and snow.

How can I contact Kim Taehyung?

However, you can contact any of the members through social media platforms such as Daum cafe, tweeting at them, fan letters, or writing on the ‘fan’ board on the Vlive app. However, they probably receive many of these a day so the chance of anyone replying is unlikely. Alice Nelson, Been a BTS fan since 2017.

What app does BTS use to chat?

Along with TikTok and Twitter, BTS also has a variety of other social media accounts, including on Instagram and Facebook, and regularly communicates with fans through Big Hit Entertainment’s WeVerse app.

Can you write to BTS?

In short, yes, you can send letters, but not packages. There is an address listed in the top ranked answer which you can write your letters to if you so desire. However, be aware that they receive many, many fan letters and it might be a long time before they read your letter, if they ever do…

Can I email BTS?

If it’s to report malicious evidence of harm or hate against BTS, email them at: bighit@ibighit.com. … What is the phone number of BTS’ JK?

Does BTS reply to tweets?

Back when they first had twitter, near their debut days, they use to reply to fans tweets and questions because there really wasn’t a lot of fans. Now they are super famous and they are busy most of the time, so they don’t have time to answer questions.

Does BTS still accept fan mail?

BTS Fanmail — US BTS ARMY. After careful consideration and thorough discussion, BigHit Entertainment and BTS have decided to NOT receive any more gifts (delivery service & support) as of March 30, 2018.

How do I talk to BTS on Weverse?

You can’t talk to them personally, the app basically allows you to post messages, and if you use the hashtag to_BTS, and if people cheer your posts, you may have a bigger chance of BTS coming across them.

What phone does Taehyung use?

Sixth, V uses iPhone 7 which has a color of matte black, he was seen on social media holding the phone while doing a live broadcast.

Who is V’s crush?

Taehyung is sexually attractive to love Jungkook and emotionally attractive to Jimin. These two guys are his biggest crush . He also has a thing for Jin to.