Is Sprint Free In Canada?

How do I use my Sprint phone in Canada?

Upon arriving in Canada you will need to power on the device and be sure it’s in “Sprint CDMA” to access voice and/or data services.

Selecting “Sprint CDMA” using the Samsung Ace: Press Start > More (left softkey) > More (left softkey) > Service Mode..

Is Sprint roaming free?

Wireless Roaming Policy for Sprint U.S. wireless roaming is free on all nationwide Sprint plans.

How do I activate international roaming on Sprint?

To activate international data roaming service:First, ensure you have used the device on the Sprint network at least once to access data.Next, you will need to enable international data roaming service by contacting Sprint Worldwide customer care at via chat or email from

Does Sprint charge for international roaming?

Text & data included in more than 200 worldwide destinations Sprint Global Roaming is included with all Sprint plans with capable smartphones. You get text, basic data (up to 2G speeds), and calls for only 25 cents/minute from more than 200 worldwide destinations.

What countries does Sprint cover?

Sprint Open World and Sprint Global Roaming Continue to ExpandBahrain.Czech Republic.Ecuador.India.Jordan.Latvia.Lithuania.Venezuela.

Can I use my iPhone in Canada?

An iPhone will work in Canada, but it needs to be unlocked. You CANNOT just pop in your SIM card for it to work. It must be unlocked to be used with Rogers or Fido (the only GSM networks in Canada). It will NOT work with Telus or Bell.

Is Sprint data free in Canada?

In Canada and Mexico, high-speed data will run you $2 per day or $10 per week. Those jump to $5 a day or $25 a week for most other regions. However, Sprint customers with an Unlimited Freedom plan get free LTE data roaming, texts and voice calls in Canada and Mexico.

Can I call Canada for free with Sprint?

Sprint International Connect: Call & Text add-on -$15/mo. Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada (landline and mobile) Call landlines in more than 90 countries without additional charges. Call mobile devices in 65 countries without additional charges. Calls to Mexico and Canada are FREE.

Does Sprint have unlimited roaming?

Watch Unlimited Plan: Includes unlimited data and texting on capable devices, while on the Sprint network. … Sprint Drive Unlimited Plan: Sprint 4G LTE data only. No roaming.

Will my sprint phone work in Israel?

Upon arriving in Israel you will need to power on the device and be sure it’s in “Sprint CDMA” to access voice and/or data services.

What is Sprint open world?

Sprint Open World offers free calling, texting, and 1GB of data when traveling in Canada, Mexico, and most other countries across Latin America. In addition, calling from the US to Canada and Mexico is included at no additional charge as well as discounts to other destinations.

Can I use my Sprint phone internationally?

Sprint offers international roaming in more than 200 destinations around the world. Sprint Global Roaming is automatically enabled on all capable devices offering calls while roaming at just 25 cents a minute, free texting and unlimited basic data (up to 2G) in most destinations.

Will I get charged for data roaming?

Check if your network offers a roaming add-on Most carriers now offer the chance to pay a little bit extra and get an add-on that will provide you an allowance of data, texts and minutes to use abroad. If you pay for these, you’ll only pay the price of the add-on and won’t be liable for charges outside that.

How can I make free calls to Canada?

Make Free Calls to CanadaGo to You can now make free calls to Canada right from your web browser. With PopTox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. … Once you are on PopTox home page, you will see a dialpad. Select Canada from the drop down and enter the phone number.

How much do calls to Canada cost?

The Cost of Staying Connected If you choose to make international calls to Canada from the U.S. through your landline or mobile phone plan, traditional providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offer rates averaging $0.49 per minute.

How much does Sprint charge for international roaming?

Customers enjoy a consistent experience with free text, free basic data, and calls from only 20 cents per minute. If customers need high-speed data while traveling abroad, they can select $5/day or $25/week passes on-the-fly directly from their smartphone with just a few simple clicks.

Does Sprint have free international texting?

Sprint Launches Free Unlimited International Roaming, Unlimited Texting and 20 Cents per Minute for Voice Calls When Traveling to Latin America, Europe or Japan. … Customers can easily add International Value Roaming to any Sprint domestic plan at or by visiting a Sprint store.