Can You Spur Off An Outside Socket?

Can I add a socket to a cooker circuit?

The MCB/Fuse at the CU protects the cable of the final circuit, nothing more.

If you replace the cooker switch with a socket then that is fine.

If you add a socket and use 6mm cable, then you have created a radial final circuit with two connection points, that is also fine if you RCD protect the socket outlets..

Can you use 6mm cable for sockets?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using 6mm cable for a socket circuit and it is possible that it could be required, cable size is simply dictated by the load to be put on the circuit, the voltage drop of the cable, the protective device (fuse/mcb) on the circuit and finally the cable run.

Can I Wire an outside light to a plug socket?

Outside sockets should be RCD protected anyway and providing you use IP rated light fittings you can use them and plug into the socket. … The answer to your question is NO you dont need an RCD to protect your lights.

Can you run a socket from a light?

Putting a 13A socket on a lighting circuit is not expicilty prohibited. However there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Lighting circuits are normally on a 6A breaker, plugging in a large appliance my trip the breaker. Sockets intended for general use with a current rating must be RCD protected.

Is it OK to spur off a socket?

A spur can be connected to an existing socket, on either a ring main or a radial circuit, providing that socket does not already have a spur. … A general rule for a ring main is that if you only have two cables in the back of an existing socket then it is ok to spur.

How do you tell if a socket is on the Ring Main?

Break the circuit at the socket in question. Check for continuity between the two line conductors. If continuity is present, it’s likely to be on the ring (could be on a figure of 8 loop). To confirm, remove the line conductors at the board.

Can you put a double socket on a spur?

3 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians From what you are saying, if the socket you are connecting to is part of the ring circuit and not already a spur in itself, then you should be able to connect your new spur (double socket) with a 2.5mm Twin and Earth cable for a distance of 5m.

How many sockets can a ring main have?

13AThe IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) permit an unlimited number of 13A socket outlets (at any point unfused single or double, or any number fused) to be installed on a ring circuit, provided that the floor area served does not exceed 100 m2.

Can I spur off a socket for a light?

If you are just spurring one single or one double socket off the ring there is no need for a fused spur/fcu. If taking the new light from the lighting circuit,which is the preffered option, there is no need for a fused spur/fcu. Just take a feed and neutral to the switch and then to the light.

Can you take a spur off a cooker socket?

Course you can spur off a cooker circuit, so long as cable reductions are fused accordingly. And as it already has a socket.. then you ‘could’ assume that the disconnection time is ok.

Can you connect 6mm cable to 2.5 mm cable?

Can I take it that in principle there is no problem using the 6mm cable already in place and extending the run with 2.5mm cable provided I fuse down to a suitable fuse to protect the smaller cable and that a 20amp mcb would be suitable for that. Thank you.