Can You Hide Your Profile On Scruff?

How do I hide my age on scruff?

Hide your ageTap Menu.Tap Settings.Scroll down and tap Privacy Settings.Toggle Age to ON to hide age on your profile.Tap back to save your changes..

Can you have 2 scruff accounts?

It is possible to use multiple profiles on the same device, however they must be associated with different email addresses. You must delete and re-install the SCRUFF app on your device.

What happens when you clear conversation on scruff?

SCRUFF. … In SCRUFF Version 5, it’s easier than ever to get yourself to inbox zero. Clearing a message deletes that conversation history from your profile, but does not delete the conversation history for the person you are chatting with. It’s an easy way to tidy up your messages and keep your inbox tidy.

What does offline on scruff mean?

Online / Offline Mode (sign in / sign out) SCRUFF Team. Going offline is similar to signing out of your profile: you will not appear in the Nearby grid or in search results, and the status dot on your profile will be removed.

What is scruff Pro?

SCRUFF Pro is a set of features that extend and enhance the SCRUFF experience. SCRUFF Pro has replaced and combines the features of Browsing Pro and Messaging Pro in one simple paid subscription. Advanced Browsing.

Can you tell if someone read your message on scruff?

Tap the Messages grid to view your conversations. … All Unread conversations will display blue headline stripe and a red ball (on the profile thumbnail) indicating unread and number of messages you have received from a member (99+ max readout).

What happens when you block on scruff?

When you block another member: Their profile will disappear from your Discover, Nearby, Favorites, and Messages Grids. Your profile will disappear from their Discover, Nearby, Favorites, and Messages Grids. Your chat history with the profile will be cleared.

What does GREY circle mean on scruff?

SCRUFF Team Online status is determined based on when a profile was last active (exchanging messages, browsing profiles, etc.) Online Statuses. Online (green dot) – Active within the last 2 hours. Recently Online (orange dot) – Active 2-24 hours ago. Inactive (gray dot) – Active more than 24 hours ago on iOS.

What is stealth mode on scruff?

Stealth mode gives you privacy options for the viewers. By enabling stealth mode, you can view another member’s profile without leaving a ‘track’ on their viewers screen. Stealth for viewers. Allows you to view profiles without appearing in their “Viewers” grid.

Can I see who blocked me on scruff?

Woofs sent or received prior to the block will remain visible. You will be unable to View one another. Views of either profile prior to the block will remain visible. Their profile will appear in your blocks list (Manage Hides/Blocks, in Settings).

Can you screenshot on scruff?

Scruff is also unique in that we do allow our members to unsend photos in any message if they later change their mind. Now, neither one of these approaches is 100 percent foolproof. Anyone, once they receive content from you, can screenshot it.