Men Often Misinterpret Women’s Sexual Signals.

But ignorance can work for men who exaggerate their appeal.

A new study found that men often find it difficult to accurately read women’s level of care.

While it should not surprise any woman who spends time in the dating world, a certain type of man tends to believe that all women want, while other men do not seem to enjoy the signs.

The study involved 96 students and 103 US university students. UU They participated in a “quick meeting” exercise that included three-minute talks with five members of the opposite sex.

Before the exercise, the participants evaluated their own attractiveness and were evaluated by their desire to have a short-term sexual encounter. After each conversation, the participants categorized the other person into a series of measures, including physical attractiveness and their expected sexual interest.

The researchers found that:

  • Men who want a short-term sexual encounter were more likely to overestimate women’s desire for them.
  • Men who thought they were “hot” also thought that women were their lanes, but men who were already considered attractive by women did not think that way.
  • The more attractive a woman is to a man, the more likely she is to overestimate her interest.
  • Women tend to decrease the desire of men.
  • The study appears in the next issue of the Journal of Psychological Sciences.

“There are two ways to make a mistake as a man,” study author Karen Perilux, a psychologist at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., Said in a news release. “Or you think,” Oh, wow, this woman is really interested in me, “and it turns out that she is not, there’s something of a cost,” like shame.

The other mistake for men is not realizing that women are interested in it.

“I lost the opportunity to mate, it’s a huge cost to succeed in procreation,” said Perillo.

The researchers suggested that when it comes to human development, it is likely that men who overestimated their attractiveness to women and persecuted them, even at risk of rejection, reproduced and transferred this trait to their genetic inheritance.

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