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I did not think I would ever talk about my sexual problems. Or rather on my old problems. After having suffered, for years, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, my sexuality is more than shame, embarrassment and stress. How to feel like a man when one wants to meet the desires of his wife, or even his own desires! In short, if I’m talking about my problems, I’m taking the plunge today because I’ve found the solution: Male Extra!

But let’s start at the beginning: I’m 34 years old. Like most men, I discovered sex at 17, with my first girlfriend who will remain a few months. Obviously, the first sexual intercourse was exceptional because it was the moment of discovery. In addition, despite some early ejaculation normal at this age, they were still quite rare, because we made love to many frequencies.

A few years later, I put my current wife on the line of sexual intercourse, with the daily life, with all the different aspects of the life to be carried out. forehead. Premature ejaculations have become normal, unfortunately. Not a single sexual relationship lasted more than five minutes. Moreover, if my companion let me know that it was no problem, that she loved me the first day, I knew that this speech was a facade and that she also suffered from her side of his interruptions. Little by little, I had a terrible pressure on myself, which had the counter-productive effect of making me even more precocious.

The problem is that this stress has become more prevalent than premature ejaculation, it has happened to me or not, at my age of 32 or 33, and a few months apart, not to arrive at bandaging properly. At first, I took this as a height, the first day of the day, the ultimate combo. But if I tell it lightly today, this impotence, which has become more common, confirmed my sexual malaise. In three years I had reached a point where I felt these moments as humiliation. And my couple was starting to flounder …

At that time, I make the decision to do what is necessary to regain a fulfilling sex life and become a lover of quality. It was especially for premature ejaculation that I tried the most solutions: I tested the condoms delaying, teasing or with anesthetic gel for the glans. They did not have big effects. I tested the anesthetic sprays, based on lidocaine: effectively, it removes the sensations in the glans, but so much that we feel nothing and it becomes even impossible to bandage properly. I had read a lot of articles that praised pelvic muscle strengthening exercises, to avoid ejaculation. Without real success

After all these tests, I discovered Male Extra. I had already heard about my hypothesis during my previous research, without wanting to take the plunge. A little apprehension probably, in the face of the idea of ​​taking capsules daily. The impression that this product, which promises the end of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and the return of a boosted sex life, was a little too unrealistic promises. In short, I was suspicious. But when all other solutions were ineffective, I became interested again in Male Extra.

My hand is dangerous to my health. So, I did a lot of research on the components of Male Extra. I have been more or less reassured: indeed, with verifications, the medicinal plants, amino acids or minerals needed for the body: pomegranate and L-Arginine are involved in the hardness of sex and to fight impotence, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, despite its barbaric name, is a mineral that intervenes for the firmness of erection, Methionine is an amino acid essential for humans, delaying ejaculation. Finally, Zinc, Cordyceps and Niacin play a role in boosting libido and lasting erection.

After these multiple searches, I felt reassured. It only remains for me to order Male Extra on the official website. The fact that there is a refund of 60 days after purchase in a case of non-satisfaction. The first time I ordered only one bottle. The order arrived in a few days, accompanied by a guide giving some exercises to do in addition to the use of the product. From the same day, I’m ready for my daily meal, then the next day, it’s much simpler.

I admit that for a week, I did not have any effect: I was very excited at this premature ejaculation. However, after a fortnight, my life is stronger and easier to come. This was reinforced in the following weeks, without it really influencing premature ejaculation. So I was happy to get rid of one of the two problems and continued the treatment after one month. After five to six weeks, I note improvements in the duration of coitus. My wife pointed this out to me. At first, it was thought that this improvement was more frequent sexual intercourse: indeed, with a harder and more vigorous sex, but also a libido which returned to a high level, we took advantage of it. To check out the effects of Male Extra the next session, however, I had the pleasure of enjoying a strong penetration No doubt, Male Extra helped me off these pesky premature ejaculations.

From that day, my life has certainly changed. We have the impression of finding an intimate life, which had disappeared because of these disabling sexual problems. I continue my treatment for six months now and I do not see myself stop it: If my wife calls me now “sex beast”, with her husband, I’m sure she’s been sucking me up a few years ago. No more coitus ends to comfort me, now she would tend to say that I tired too much! It’s a good sign!

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