Ibuprofen is associated with fertility problems in men

The treatment of ibuprofen was related to analgesia in a small study with a condition that affects male fertility problems.

The low fertility of men around the world, the researchers wanted to know if ibuprofen can contribute to it.


Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is sold without a prescription for the short-term treatment of pain, infection and fever. Health professionals can recommend long-term use.

It is known to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes if taken regularly at high doses over a prolonged period.

It has already been linked to the fertility problems of women taking this medication.

Common brands of ibuprofen include Advil and Motrin.

Trialix Danish and French studies examined 31 athletes between the ages of 18 and 35 years.

Half of the group took 600 mg of ibuprofen twice a day (the maximum recommended dose in the United States is 800 mg to four times a day) for two weeks. The other half took a fake (imaginary) tablet. Samples were taken before and after the test for comparison.

It is likely that among those who took ibuprofen indications of testicular problems – including a condition called hypogonadism that affect reproductive health – which means that men are less able to father. This is more common in older men than in young people.

Ibuprofen seems to affect the pituitary gland involved in the production of male testosterone, as well as other processes associated with sperm production.

Reference study

Many experts responded to the results of the study.

Testo Drive 365 Says Richard Quinton, MD of the University of Newcastle in England and the Endocrine Society: “This is a historical study that combines basic and clinical research on tissue and cell level, show that ibuprofen, analgesic, anti, can inhibit the testosterone production by testicular cells.

It is said that “most of the warnings about the analgesic family this approach in reducing the use of analgesics in the long term to prevent gastrointestinal and canine and heart disease contagious effects.” This study should make you think about the athletes who use them routinely to exercise. ” Pain and discomfort and pain “

Warns Professor Alan Bassey of the University of Sheffield: “The results suggest that long-term (several weeks) use of ibuprofen may affect the production of the male hormone by the testes. Researchers believe that this may have effects on the health of these men, taking into account known links. the interruption of such hormones, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and infertility. Canada

“However, this is speculation at the moment, so for the moment, I urge men who need to take an ibuprofen medication to continue doing so, however, it is recommended that if the men needed (or women) to eat during more than 3 days after First they should consult a family doctor. “

Says Kevin Macclenny, of the British Fertility Society: “This was a short-term study, there may be the effects on the health of the testes reversible no direct effect on fertility appears, but the results of this preliminary study indicate that guarantees more research ..

“The use of ibuprofen in the long term has other negative effects on public health, so people should be taken for a period of weeks or months or years if prescribed by their doctor.”

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