Diet for muscle gain

Life Nutra Keto Reviews – Having a sculptural body and with a well defined musculature is the desire many young and adults, with ages ranging from 18 to 40 years (variable). This desire has gone from being pure aesthetics to those who practice bodybuilding, being a necessity that the body demands to obtain more strength and strength.

If you are one of these people, know that a diet for muscle gain should be very well planned, depending on a very balanced diet. Yes, diet! Do not confuse diet, with slimming. For those who want to gain muscle, there is diet, and it is full of energy and protein for you to literally grow and stay strong. Come on?

Diet for Muscle Gain – Planning

Plan, according to your availability and training, how and how much you intend to gain from muscle. This planning work should be done in conjunction with a professional who knows your body and your health as well as you, being your coach in the gym as well as a nutritionist specializing in athletes with the same goal as yours.

The gain of muscle mass depends only on you and how you organize your workouts and your menu. So, check out the tips below following a regular diet and gain muscle gain in less time than just working out.

– In doubt, eat. Experts agree that if one wishes to gain muscle mass should quickly eat at any cost. Yes, every three hours is correct, but not always you will have that cereal bar in place, often having something caloric. Do not often eat crap, but in doubt or failure, eat.

– Proteins every three hours. Yes! Life Nutra Keto The main source for your muscle mass gain is protein, so let’s see. Who wants to lose weight, should only eat 1 or 2 times during the day, but you do not want to lose weight, you want to grow, so eat whenever you can meat, egg, milk, supplements like Whey Protein, protein bars, etc.

– Pre-workout and post-workout meals should be tightly regulated, always with plenty of protein and energy replenishment. To do this, food supplements that strengthen the muscles are used, others that encourage the metabolism to burn fat faster and others like thermogenics that provide more energy and vitality to practice exercises and facilitate recovery in the post-workout.

– Do not get used to a workout. Whenever you feel your body softening with some gym training, or feel accustomed to some weight of some apparatus that demands work with weight, change! Talk to your personal / coach who wants to gain muscle quickly, so you will see that your workouts will change frequently. If you are at the beginning of your workout, be wary of these sudden exercise changes as it can cause muscle damage as well as other physical problems that will interfere with your health. Take care!

Diet for Muscle Gain – The Diet

Everyone knows Juju Salimeni, beautiful model Life Nutra Keto by having the perfect body that many men and women would like to have (double meaning?). She recently shared her diet on the national network and revealed how she maintains herself with a beautiful musculature and which also offers weight loss and easy gain of lean mass. Remember that the diet below is just a suggestion of ours for mass gain, if it is not useful to talk to your professional, coach, nutritionist, endocrinologist, among others, and create your diet in conjunction with it.

Check below the Juju Salimeni’s muscle gain diet and see if it’s right for you.

1 Breakfast
1 dose of whey protein insulated with water (milk never!)
3 slices whole wheat bread with peanut paste
2 morning snack
5 egg whites
Green tea at will
3 Lunch

Chicken or grilled fish without seasoning, only garlic and onion

Sweet potato
Salad at will with lemon
Green, white or red tea
4 afternoon snack

Pancake of egg whites, oats and banana

1 dose of whey protein isolated with water
5 Pre-workout
150g of sweet potatoes
2 egg whites
6 Post Workout
2 doses of whey isolated with water
7 Dinner
Chicken or grilled fish
Salad at will
Green, white or red tea

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